The TRA shared steps the victim of a WhatsApp hack has to follow.

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used chatting platforms in the UAE and scammers take advantage of its popularity to hack into sensitive information.

Hacking somebody's WhatsApp is simple if you know the contact number of the account a scammer wants to hack into.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority issued a notification on Twitter sharing the steps to follow if your WhatsApp account is hacked.

The user needs to remove and reinstall WhatsApp in a different time of the day. They should immediately inform the relatives and friends about hacking and urge them not to respond to any messages coming from their number on WhatsApp.

The hacked account holder should email the technical support of WhatsApp at and provide your phone number in the format +9715XXXXXXXX.

And you must try to reinstall WhatsApp every day.

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